Virtual Residential Community Consortium Standards

Futuristic Residential Architecture Standards

Futuristic Grid and Distributed Technology Infrastructure Standards

Futuristic Grid and Distributed Energy Standards

Futuristic Smart-City for Intelligent Beings Standards

Futuristic Private Suborbital Space Travel and Transportation Standards

Futuristic Private Air, Land and Sea Transportation Standards

Futuristic Environmental Standards

Futuristic Student Living Environment Standards

Virtual Organization Environment Standards

Virtual Sanctuary Room Standards

Virtual Residential Community Security Standards

Open Technology-Eye On the Future Infrastructure Standards

Futuristic Knowledge Delivery Technology Standards

Futuristic Curriculum for Intelligent Beings Standards

Principled Geopolitical Leadership Standards

Principled Virtual Organization Leadership Standards

Principled Geopolitical Governance Standards

Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Certification Standards

Standard Virtual Residential Community Instruction Standards

Civilized World Economic System Standards

Virtual Residential Community Blueprint

For the sake of posterity and for all current and future historians with an interest in the original concept of building virtual residential communities across the globe, we invite you to review the section titled “The Rapid Proliferation and Importance of Virtual Residential Communities (“VRC”) Around the Globe” in the January 23, 2014 paper titled “My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World.”